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„Celebrate pluralism – fight discrimination“

With this motto, the elledorado e.V. society has been promoting projects in Berlin for over twelve years, bringing transgender, gay and lesbian lives to the foreground in order to fight discrimination and exclusion on the basis of sexual identity. Stimmen in der Stadt has also been chosen for receiving funding from the elledorado e.V. society. We’re delighted to have elledorado e.V. as a new partner and are very grateful for their support!

Another Cheque for Stimmen in der Stadt

On the occassion of their 31st anniversary, and for the second time now, the Order of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (O.S.P.I.) have deliberated Stimmen in der Stadt with a cheque. On Easter Saturday, in the well-attended Café PositHiv, the Sisters passed on donations they collected for various HIV- and AIDS related intiatives. Martin Kostezer presented Stimmen in der Stadt to the guests and thanked the Sisters for their continuous support.

Lotto Foundation approves grant for Stimmen in der Stadt!

The Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin has decided to support Stimmen in der Stadt. At yesterday’s council meeting the foundation approved our grant proposal, providing us with the financial basis necessary to get on with our work. We see the grant as a validation of our project’s vision and a positive signal to the public. And we’re thrilled!

What happened until now?

November, 2009, Christoph Weber, doctor and project manager of Stimmen in der Stadt called press and visitors at the BAH’s kuenstler gegen Aids gala to support the audio project planned for world-aids-day 2010. Dr. Keikawus Arastéh, director of the clinic for internal medicine at the Vivantes Auguste-Viktoria-Klinikum Berlin, stressed that attention should be also given to the oftentimes drastic mental and social implications of an HIV infection. The conditions of living with hiv and aids are not to be underestimated. Guests of the sold out gala at the theater des westerns got a sneak preview of the first interview excerpt from the project, spoken by actors Uwe Büschken and Luise Lunow.

December 2009, First Donation for Stimmen in der Stadt!

Immaculate Conception: on the Second Advent, the Stimmen in der Stadt account conceived its first donation. On December 6, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence presented our project managers with the glittery golden check of 500 Euro on the occasion of their Advent get-together at Berlin’s Café PositHIV. This donation will be the footing of the project’s funding. We’d like to say a warm thank you to the Sisters and everyone supporting us.
Copycats welcome! Making a donation to Stimmen in der Stadt is not only the perfect birthday present, it will also round up your tax deductible at the end of the fiscal year. Invest now in a project that’s already enjoying great public interest and positive resonance.

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March 2010, German AIDS Foundation endorses Stimmen in der Stadt!
The German AIDS Foundation in Bonn has just informed us that our request for funding has been approved. The Foundation endorses the project Stimmen in der Stadt with a contribution of 2,000 Euros. Since 1987, the German AIDS Foundation has been helping HIV-positive and AIDS patients in financial need. Furthermore, the German AIDS Foundation also supporst projects relevant to raising public awareness to AIDS.  With its prominent board of trustees and events such as the annual Gala in Berlin, the foundation stands for continuing work in the field of prevention as well as patient support. For Stimmen in der Stadt, receiving endorsement from the Foundation not only marks a milestone in the path to realizing our project but also distinguishes the project’s relevance and content.