From November 25th through Dezember 8th 2010, the stations can be found in these locations

Passers-by are free to decide how long they want to listen to the interviews. The voices will be played non-stop for two weeks in an endless loop, regardless of whether anyone is listening or not. This will offer passers-by the option of returning to the audio station at a quieter time and listening more carefully. The voices are there, night and day, and nothing can stop them from telling their stories.

A special audio technique – rectilinear speakers – will direct the sound onto a specific point, circumscribing only a few meters. Outside this radius, only a vague sound will be noticeable. The station will be easily recognizable as one of the audio stations with the help of lighting and an info plaque. The logo will ensure that the project is unmistakably recognizable and visually present all across the city.