And now they speak

Since 0:00 AM today, the voices have been turned on. In 15 locations around Berlin, people tell their stories of living with HIV/AIDS. Their voices can be heard over loudspeakers placed at 4 meters high. The stations are marked with the Stimmen in der Stadt logo.

Stimmen in der Stadt took off yesterday with an opening event and press conference. The Honorary Patron Ulla Schmidt expressed her respect to the seven people who have given their interviews, openly sharing their stories. It is in these personal stories that the potential lies for bringing the themes of HIV and AIDS back into the public discourse.

The voices will be heard night and day until December 8. A map of the city indicating the 15 station can be found on this website under STADT.

Also, the voices are available on the website too. Under STIMMEN you’ll find the seven interviews in full length. Three of the interviews are accompanied by photo reportage taken by photographer Daniel Rosenthal.