The project »Stimmen in der Stadt« for World-AIDS-Day 2010 in Berlin has officially ended today, Thursday 9.12.2010, at 00:00 A.M. The interviews will remain available here on our website. The audio stations have been taken down.

We were especially thrilled to see people standing at the audio stations, either alone or in groups, and listening to the interviews, regardless of the extremely cold and snowy weather. The extensive press coverage helped to make the project known far beyond the Berlin city limits. The press coverage also contributed to the great numbers of visitors to our website, who have used the opportunity to listen to the interviews online.

Eva, Anneliese, Michaela, Max, Jan, Paul and Gerd, we thank you for the insights into your private life stories. Your vitality is inspiring. Paul and Gerd, you are remembered.
The future of »Stimmen in der Stadt« is not yet decided. We will take a few weeks to discuss the possibilities, and are open for sugegstions in the meanwhile.